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I had the opportunity to speak with Brad King before his seminar tomorrow evening. Brad is a nutrition guru and a plethora of knowledge. Make sure to check out his seminar tomorrow evening, it’s informative and FREE!

What are some common misconceptions about nutrition?

One of the main misconceptions is that people can get more than enough nutrition from eating regular foods. Unfortunately Healthy Vibe- Brad Lecture (Oct.27) (1)this just isn’t true. The fact remains that the human body requires a minimum of 40 nutrients to allow the body to function in an optimal state. This would look like; two essential fatty acids, eight or nine amino acids from protein, 15 vitamins and 15 minerals—although research shows we may need upwards of 70 minerals. According to the latest research from the University of California, the great majority of the population is deficient in one or more of these nutrients.

When we are deficient in any of these essential nutrients, the body has to ration whatever it can find and shift its chemistry to that of what is absolutely essential to keeping the host (you) alive. In otherwords, nutrient deficiencies won’t necessarily kill you, but they will make it next to impossible for the body to repair itself efficiently, which leads to premature aging and disease.

What are some easy steps a person can do to clean up their diet?

Drink more clean filtered water, as the body is 72% water and water is essential for energy production. Say no to processed carbohydrates and convenience foods like breakfast cereals, breads and chips and say yes to wholesome organic vegetables and fruits. The processed fibre-stripped foods will cause an undesirable rise in the hormone insulin, which places your body in a fat-storage mode for the better part of the day. High insulin also leads to premature aging, cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

What will your seminar this Tuesday cover?

My seminar will discuss how we got ourselves into this metabolic mess to begin with and what to do to shift our biochemistry to that which works in favor of optimal energy production. The by-products of allowing our cells to access copious amounts of energy from fat, are; we look better, feel better, perform better and even think better.